Waste Water Treatment Plant

The Waste Water Treatment Plant is responsible for maintaining and operating the treatment plant.  The plant is a fully mechanical Activated Sludge.  It has a daily capacity of 700,000 gallons and has an emergency generator in the event of a power outage.  The plant was rebuilt in 2002.

The various responsibilities of the employees in this department include all testing and lab work that is required by the State, DEQ, EPA, and the Federal Government.  They must meet the regulations of all these organizations at all times.  They also handle service calls through the city office, turn ons and shutdowns relating to bill payment, and the reading of meters.

All employees are required to be waste water certified in this department.  Department superintendent Paul Quicke has a class 2 certification.  Blake Wagner is new to the department and will be certified soon.

These two city employees are always kept busy ensuring that everything is working.

Paul Quicke 

Paul Quicke