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Business Exterior Enhancement Program

This program offers up matching funds to individual businesses and building owners in Kimball who want to improve the appearance and quality of their buildings and, in turn, improve the overall look and feel of Kimball.  Our program will pay 70% of your project if you use a local contractor or supplier.  Local is defined as someone who has their office located within a 25 mile radius of Kimball.  If you use a contractor in the 11 counties of the Panhandle we will pay for 60% of your project and anything outside of that area we will pay up to 50% of the project,

The goal of this program is to encourage and support property owners, both in terms of design and financing, to restore or renovate a commercial-building facade.  Improvements must by approved by the Citizens Advisory Committee as well as City Council.  

Photos here show facade grant upgrades funded through the economic development grants.  Beyond the physical and aesthetic business improvements that are a direct result of this matching-grant program, exterior improvements make good economic and business sense for property and business owners.  Facade renovations improve property values and help attract new customers.

Who Can Apply?

The building owner or business owner can apply for funding.  If business owner does not own the building, they must have building owners approval.  Any property that is located in a commercially zoned area can apply for funding.  The Committee will give higher priority to projects that use local contracts.  

These facade grants are designed to help business owners and operators fund projects that otherwise would not be funded.  Applicants who have already taken advantage of the program may apply again for a different project.  

Program Guidelines HERE
Grant an application HERE

Submit your application to the Econometric Development office at 223 S. Chestnut St. to Amy Sapp or via email at  If you have further questions, pleas call 1308-235-1815 to discuss qualifications of a particular project.