Business Resources

Statement of Purpose

The Kimball Business Infrastructure Improvement Grant is en tended to provide financial assistance to improve, update, or upgrade needed exterior and interior infrastructure needs in order for the business to adhere to health, safe, sanitation, energy efficiencies, or code related issues.  The board will allow businesses to apply for loans up to $10,000 as an incentive for doing improvements to the building or business infrastructure.  These funds can be used in conjunction with the Business Facade Improvement Grant as well as the USDA Energy Efficiency Grants.  

Program Guidelines

  • Applicants must be the property owner. 
  • Applicants must meet all applicable zoning requirements, obtain all permits and approval and must meet all state and local regulatory codes with contractors adhering to the same. 
  • Match amounts will be based on location of contractor.  Using a local contractor (25 mile radius of Kimball) will be a 70/30 grant, Panhandle contractor will be a 60/40 grant, and outside the panhandle contractor will be a 50/50 grant.
  • Business can reapply for different projects within the programs eligible activities.

Eligible Activities

  • ADA Bathroom Compliance 
  • Energy Efficiency Updates (High efficiency heating, ventilation, air conditioning systems, insulation, lighting, doors, or windows)
  • Updating Electrical 
  • Updated Plumbing 
  • Other approved projects from Building Inspector, Fire Marshall, Health Inspector, or City Administrator.

For more information, please contact Amy Sapp at 308-235-3639 or via email at  Below is the link to the guidelines and application.