Tri-State Monument

The Tri-State Monument marks the spot where Nebraska, Colorado and Wyoming meet. The Monument was first established by Oliver N. Chaffee, U.S. Astronomer and Surveyor August 17, 1869, at intersection of the Forty-First Parallel of North Latitude with the Twenty-Seventh Degree of West Longitude, several hundred feet away from where Congress intended it to be. Nevertheless, it served as the official boundary between the three states.   

The Monument was rehabilitated in 1981 by Art Henrickson and Howard Kieler. In 1997, Federal, State, and Local organizations coordinated additional preservation. In July 2004, the Kimball Rotary Club and a local Boy Scout constructed a surrounding fence and gave the Monument a face-lift by placing an engraved metal plate with Nebraska, Wyoming, and Colorado indicating their border around the marker. 

We welcome you to take the journey and visit the Tri-State Monument. Some of the roads leading to and surrounding the Monument are privately owned. Please respect the property and any livestock that maybe around. Enjoy your adventure!!

In addition to visiting the Tri-State marker, take a few minutes to travel to the highest point in Nebraska, Panorama Point.