Rules and Regulations
  1. No plot may be defined by any kind of fence, coping, railing, hedge, or embankment; nor may any plot be filled above the established grade. Wire arches and trellises may be placed on any plot or grave with the permission of the Cemetery Caretaker. No plot or grave space may be decorated by its owner or others with any tree or shrub.
  2. The City of Kimball shall have authority to remove any flowers, floral designs, weeds, tress, shrubs, plants, or herbage of any kind from the Cemetery as soon as in, the judgment of the Cemetery Caretaker, they become unsightly, detrimental or diseased. The expense of the removal and/or maintenance of trees, shrubs, or any special s, placed on graves by plot owners shall be paid by the plot owner.
  3. The City of Kimball reserves the right to prevent the removal of any trees, shrubs, plants, or herbage of any kind unless the Cemetery Caretaker give their consent.
  4. The City of Kimball shall not be liable for floral pieces, baskets, frames in which or to which floral pieces are attached. The City of Kimball shall not be liable foe lost, misplaced, or broken floral vases.
  5. The City of Kimball shall not be responsible for plants, herbage, or shrubs of any kind damaged by the elements, thieves, vandals or by other causes beyond its control.
  6. Flower placed on the grave-site at the time of interment shall be left undisturbed after the interment is complete, until final removal under the instructions of the Cemetery Caretaker. When the flowers, and the frames to which they are attached, are removed from the grave, such items may be disposed of by the City of Kimball in any manner it sees fit.
  7. Flowers and other items placed on the grave-site not in a permanent or in-ground reversible vase shall be removed by the owner when they become wilted, discolored or an eyesore. The Cemetery Caretaker may remove these items in accordance with rule #2.
  8. Flags will be permitted to the sides of the marker or monument or in a permanent or in-ground reversible vase and will be removed when deemed unsightly by the Cemetery Caretaker to prevent offending Cemetery patrons.
  9. Organizations' metal marker must be placed in the foundation of the marker or monument, or they will not be allowed to remain in the Cemetery..
  10. Permanent vases that are not in line with markers or monuments are not allowed in the Kimball Cemetery. In Ground/Reversible must be kept upside down during the mowing season unless in use. () See Section Guidelines for further information)
  11. Permanent vases will not be permitted in t front or back of marker or monument. They must be placed to either side.
  12. It is prohibited to cut, pick , deface, or mutilate any Cemetery plantings.
  13. Foot markers are no allowed, unless kept flush with the established grade. Please contact Cemetery Caretaker for more information.
  14. Concrete/Granite foundations for markers and monuments shall be required in all section fo the cemetery with the exception of Christus Garden, Serenity Rose Garden and Memorial Garden at the discretion of the cemetery Caretaker and City Administrator in case of special circumstances. All foundation shall only be installed with the permission, and under the supervision of the Cemetery Caretaker. Concrete/Granite foundations shall not exceed 24 inches in width. They must be kept level with the lowest established grade, and not exceed the length of property owned. The City of Kimball Cemetery Caretaker reserves the right tot remove any Foundation Maker or Monument placed without permission.
  15. Foundations/Washes are not permitted for markers in Christus Garden.
  16. Any monument company that shall enter the City of Kimball Cemetery for work on markers or monuments, shall give the Cemetery Caretaker 24 hours notice before arrival to complete such work.
  17. Memorial garden allows only memorial markers. No burials. The cemetery provides a concrete runner mounting the memorial marker. Memorial marker are no allowed in the rest of the cemetery.

Foundations are required for markers, Monuments and Headstones. Foundations must be 4' for a singles space and 8' for a double space. Foundations shall not be more than 24" wide and at least a 4" wash from base. For special Foundation requirements, contact the Cemetery Caretaker.

Memorial Garden

One Memorial Marker per space. Marker space 3' x 3'. Flat marker only mounted on concrete runner.

Per Space
Original, One, Two and Three & Christus Gardens
Section Six (Includes headstone Foundation)
Serenity Rose Garden
Memorial Markers (Per marker, in Memorial Garden Section of Cemetery only)
Opening and Closing
Adult Weekday
Adult Saturday
County Service
Baby Weekday
Baby Saturday
Cremains Weekday
Cremains Saturday
Baby or Cremains